The Skull-Sized Kingdom

Pictures from 2019-2022. 

60 pages, black and white, saddle stapled. 32 images.

A first edition of 20 copies were printed as 8.5x11 versions and placed between a manila folder with "Confidential" stamped in red on the cover. These copies were mailed out for free.

A free download of the zine in PDF format can be found here.

In David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water,” he talks about the insidious forms of worship, a default setting placing ourselves in the center of our own world as a commodified “personal freedom,” or Skull-Sized Kingdom. Placed between the pictures of details indicating these commodities are the real world it inhabits, apart from its ostensibly photographic nature and making, creating a play between the two; are these “Kingdoms” providing our individual freedoms, or do we find comfort in the default, the simulacrum?

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