Lost Boy Scout

As I’m nearing the age my father tried predicting his own future, I can’t help but feel less certainty, and more of disillusionment, within me than when I was 9. And this is echoed in my friends, and especially the men and boys I see around me, a confusing lack of purpose for a future where we will eventually be needed, but one that is just as easily ruined by our very existence.

Combining staged portraits, and typical documentary photographs, as well as pictorial images of the current American landscape, this is an attempt to portray an increasingly complicated and by extension, more undefined ideation of modern men.

Billboards, signs, iconography seem to be the final haunting pieces of a past masculinity no longer apt for the modern-day. In the end, this project has becomes a portrait of the non-direction this identity can be built upon if it is drawing upon the past for this new mythology.

This project is currently in development and ongoing.
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